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@ValueTrade brings your portfolio to life.

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@ValueTrade Bloomberg App


Monitor your position graphically and numerically from a portfolio perspective to a single asset.


Bond risk with bond futures, portfolio beta with equity index future and your equity exposure with equity index options.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App
@ValueTrade Bloomberg App


Have control over your asset class exposure through specific aggregated measures: fixed income coupon reinvestment projections, mutual fund geographical and sectorial exposure, non-parallel curve shifts, portfolio Beta...


Book your trades and get your PRTU portfolio update in real time, absolute precise intraday LIFO based unrealized and realized P/L, historical Money and Time weighted Rate of Return.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

What does Get @ValueTrade give you?

At GearSoft we know how important it is to know exactly your portfolio behavior and exposure when markets are open.
@ValueTrade provides you with:

@ValueTrade imports the portfolios available in PRTU.
The application runs within the Bloomberg platform: no installation required.
Importing portfolios requires only the
Bloomberg portfolio number.
The user can recall a custom set of Bloomberg functions on every asset with one click.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

The user can create and save his own desktops. Every table or graph is totally independent.
Extended customizable settings.
All your personal settings and your desktops are saved on your Bloomberg profile.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

Performance contribution of each position and for each asset class

  1. From the general picture...
  2. the single security

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

Detailed portfolio currency exposure breakdown.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

Bond analytics are broken down by currency and then aggregated at portfolio level. Bond futures position is taken into account.

  • Duration either modified or Macaulay
  • Convexity
  • P/L for parallel shift magnitude of the shift is inputed by the user
  • YTM conventional yield to worst
  • Spread spread over government curve
  • ERR YTM calculated with external coupon reinvestment rate specified by the user
  • BPV Basis point value
  • Average life Average life of floater bonds
  • SFL Spread for life of floater bonds
  • Average rating non-weighted average rating
  • Weighted rating weighted average rating

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

Bond duration gaps are broken down by currency and then aggregated at portfolio level.
Gaps can be visualized as market value or nominal value

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

User can input non parallell curve shifts for each currency. @ValueTrade will calculate the P/L effect of the shifts.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

User can input, for each currency and each duration gap, the reinvestment rate at which coupons will be reinvested.

@ValueTrade will calculate the P/L effect of using those rate instead of the IRR.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

Book your trades in @ValueTrade and update you Bloomberg portfolio in real time.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

@ValueTrade treats cash as an asset and records all your cash flows both in the application and in PRTU, allowing for multy currency current account also in the terminal.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

@ValueTrade will provide you with an absolute precise LIFO based daily p/l. Unrealized and realized p/l will reflect your actual daily performance.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

With @ValueTrade you will have your Money and Time Weighted Rate of Return of your portfolio, in real time, up to yesterday close and on any intermediate period you wish.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

Through the current account view you can easily reconcile your deal records.

@ValueTrade Bloomberg App

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